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Karol G Reflects on Past Interview About Women in Music, Reggaeton Influences & More

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As a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur, Karol G continues to evolve over her incredible career. While her sound and her business acumen have matured, some of her opinions on the industry have stayed consistent–like her thoughts about the importance of women in recording studios and on stages and the future of Latin music overall.

After unearthing a never-before-seen 2017 interview with Karol G from her home city of Medellín, Colombia, Remezcla connected with Karol G again, this time in a studio in Mexico City, to reflected on her past answers and asked her whether her point of view back then had changed over the years.

At the beginning of her second interview, Karol G reiterated what she had said during her first interview–that it’s difficult for women artists to succeed in the Latinx music industry. It’s something that she continues to fight for to this day and is very proud of the work she has done to lift up others.

“I’ve always wanted to break that barrier,” Karol G said. “Today, I feel I’m in a very special place. I can say that there is still a lot to do culturally, but I am very happy and feel very proud to be able to say that we are promoting women a lot more, so they respect what we do.”

Karol G watched her first interview and reacted to some of the answers she initially gave. In one answer, she talked about why she believed Latin music wasn’t just a fad that would run its course in a few years. The crossover appeal for fans of different Latinx music genres was too strong. Her feelings hadn’t changed in five years.

“It’s not only Reggaeton,” she said. “Now, there are so many songs that you say [are] Latin music because it has so many mixes of instruments and styles that I can’t even tell what genre it is.”
During the 2017 interview, Karol G talked about her first “wow” moment of her career. It happened when she heard her song on the radio in Miami. Today, there have been many more of those “wow” moments, including a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018 and releasing her song, “Mamiii,” with Becky G this year, which became her highest charting single ever. Karol G said a lot more of these moments are in her future, including her upcoming $trip Love Tour, which begins September 6, 2022, in Chicago.

“Everything that you live becomes the best thing that has happened in your life,” Karol G said. “This next tour is very special for me because I am going to play in arenas in the U.S. My intention on this tour is to connect, so the next tour we play stadiums. That was one of the reasons why I teamed up with AT&T–to try to connect with more people and reach a wider audience.”
Since her first interview with Remezcla, Karol G has expanded that audience and will continue to do so. She is truly one of the most exciting Latin artists working today.

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