Meet La Goony Chonga, the Miami MC Who’s About to Become Your “Fuck You, Pay Me” Soundtrack

Photo by Ro Valdes

Raíces: Miami, Florida
Sounds like: Cardi B swerves hard into a trap-reggaeton hybrid.
You should listen to La Goony Chonga because…we all need a go-to fuck you/pay me soundtrack.

Anti-Planned Parenthood trolls be damned and general elections aside, we’re living during the administration of President (and rapper) Cardi B. As such, it’s a good time to be a proud ho, and La Goony Chonga knows it. The Miami rapper takes major inspiration from past strip club side gigs in some of her trap-reggaeton anthems. “Get the straight cash and I get it in advance bitch/I beg your pardon sir, money is my language,” goes her track “Spendin’.” That kind of capitalist glee is tempered by a wry perspective on materialism, as showcased in the wealth-attracting affirmations that open and close “Ego”: “I am a rich child of a loving universe…I receive money happily.”

Together with emcee Booty Chaaain, she forms Snob Mobb (SoundCloud bio: “Have no wants, have no needs”), a crew the two say started back in Dade County when Hurricane Sandy trapped them inside one day and they started freestyling to pass the time. Now they’ve entered the rap game in earnest. Booty Chaaain is shooting the upcoming video for La Goony Chonga’s “Putería,” in the works with Los Angeles neon culture hothouse Freak City. Recently, La Goony turned up on King Doudou’s Canicule Mix, a harbinger of soon-to-come club play if we’ve ever seen one.

The woman formerly known as Twiggy Rasta Masta is a longtime proponent of female wrecking ball behavior. La Goony’s 2015 EP Santeria Pu$$y 2 (the first Santeria Pu$$y happened in 2013) features a track named for the social media and television personality herself, “Cardi B”: “Shaking that ass for a reason/Baby girl it’s your season/All my bitches eating/Yeah we’re trick or treating,” La Goony Chonga announces. Santeria Pu$$y 2 themes also include odes to men who “always come back” and a defense of side hoes — but also goes into the darker power dynamics of stripping, as on “Madame’s Interlude.”

We’re considering the champagne room, to be honest. La Goony’s more recent releases have jumped not just genres but linguistic borders, as with “Tengo Dinero,” the rapper’s collab with perfectly aggressive NYC artist Trap Sade, another member of an extended network of emcees we’re trying to hear more from.