Locals Only: Dallas Rapper/Singer Dustin Cavazos

Dallas is a weird place — not deliberately weird, like Austin, but rather a constant paradox. A city whose population is roughly 40% Latino, it has historically been scarce on the “Latino” scenes and music you find in other cities (Peligrosa, Que Bajo?!, Subsuelo).

But in recent years things have begun to shift; musical dichotomies are melting away, and DJs are become more aware of the underrepresented Latino audience. Dustin Cavazos is part of this shift – the sing-rapper reps for Latino Oak Cliff and has a rabid local fan base as one Dallas’ most promising up and coming talents. Together with fellow DJs and performers DJ Sober, A.Dd+, and Brain Gang, among others, he’s part of a blossoming local scene.

Don’t sleep on this artist and get the scoop on some Essential Facts + Tracks to know about this local:


Known as: Dustin Cavazos, a rapper who’s got the girls swooning so hard he inspires Buzzfeed community odes.

Background: Mexican-American, repping for Oak Cliff.

Sounds like: Chill rap with dreamy electronic production and lyrics as confessional and vulnerable as early Drake.

Why You Should Listen: Cavazos is the homie-with-a-heart you want in your corner.