Meet Femina X, San Antonio’s Captivating Trip Hop/Pop Outfit

Née: Daniela “ZaaZaa” Riojas, Alex Paul Scheel, Jacob Burris, and Chris Cooper.
Raíces: San Antonio, Texas.
Sounds like: Björk, Ibi Ego, Xenia Rubinos.
You should listen to Femina X because…it’s always rewarding to come across bands whose sound breaks musical paradigms.


Femina X, a band emerging from the terreno tejano of San Antonio, is powered by Daniela “ZaaZaa” Riojas, Alex Paul Scheel, Jacob Burris, and Chris Cooper. In a captivating juxtaposition of delicate and high-strung schemes, the sound guides you through a path of trip-hop, pop, and electronic beats. Not to be confined to any type of texture, the band delves into upbeat loops and atmospheric ambience while also finding room to oscillate in a dark underside.

Femina X’s eclecticism is deeply-rooted in their songs, for example, in “Mookoo Stomp” — a dance-pop number and gloriously energetic track — Daniela’s harmonious, emotive high-pitch vocals are accompanied by a rich backdrop of upbeat electronic beats filtered through interludes of rhythm loops and synths. Their inclination for sophisticated pop and exquisite melodies carries over in tracks like “Frida’s Heart,” with an indubitably mystic aura and solid execution.

Daniela’s power lead vocal stage presence enhances the overall fruition of the band, creating a style that splinters from conventional musical structure and aligning to deliver a non-scripted blueprint, as if the music is naturally, intuitively, and effortlessly emerging from every person in the band.