Meet J Δ Y E E M: The 20 year old keeping future garage exciting

Née: Smooth bass operator J Mohedano
Raíces: Madrid, Spain
Sounds like: The sort of 2-step jam you can play at the height of the party or back at your crib trying to impress that special hottie.
You should listen to J Δ Y E E M because…he’s bringing fresh sounds to a style on the rise.


The style known to some as Future Garage has been buzzing on the edges of mainstream consciousness for some time now. When artists like Burial, Sepalcure, and Jamie xx began stretching the boundaries of dubstep a few years ago to almost universal acclaim, we started to see more of experimentation making inroads with audiences (think: James Blake, SBTRKT, and XXYYXX, to name just a few). These influences can definitely be heard trickling into the out put of Ibero-American artists – we even covered some of the Latinos fueling its vital fire.

But when something gets big, there’s usually a line of people trying to turn it into a formula that can be duplicated (without much imagination) just to be part of the hot trend. Which is why we’re thankful for mavericks like J Δ Y E E M who are out to keep the game exciting. Hell, he might not even consider his project part of the post-dubstep wave, but it definitely sounds like he’s looking to this music for inspiration and to keep it from becoming prematurely stale.

J Δ Y E E M (or Jayeem) is the brainchild of Madrid-based producer J. Mohedano, a 20 year old prodigy who’s already blown many minds back home. Mixing soulful vocals, vintage 2-step garage beats (often fractured or a little askew), house sensibilities and small details not usually found in any of these elements Jayeem has achieved an intoxicating effect – good for both dancing at the club or sinking into the chillest recesses of your couch at home.

Mohedano started the project in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he made a huge impression at the Converse Make Noise contest back home with Emptiness (a 15 minute EP that feels more like one ever-evolving track). Spanish music site Jene Sais Pop named Jayeem one of the artists to watch in 2015, and last year, he attended the four-day long RBMA Bass Camp where he contributed to the resulting compilation. This year will bring his first full-length album as well as many collaborations; on top of everything mentioned, he also makes juke as V † E K. Talk about restless.

If he plays his cards right, J Δ Y E E M could become a top producer, one others follow for inspiration.