Meet The Band That Almodóvar and John Waters Would Have Made

Née: Carla Moreno and Alba Rihe
Raíces: Barcelona, Spain
Sounds like…super gross, farcical 90s electro-pop, in the best of ways.
You should listen to Las Bistec because…I mean, LOOK AT THEIR VIDEO; they are what art smut sounds like on cocaine. In a second you’ll be singing to yourself, “Corintios, Corintios, Corintios, Corintios…”

There is something so vulgarly sophisticated about Las Bistecs—contradiction intended. They look like a college art project and sound like pure delightful smart fun (think Peaches and her teaches). The duo blew up after being on Alaska y Segura, a sassy late-night Spanish TV show, and you know that’s a wonderful beginning. They already sound and look like the new shining star in a gorgeously uncomfortable Almodóvar movie. Their outfits, lights and make-up are no accident and hail from the chic smut that John Waters’ dreams are made of. Las Bistecs knows that they’re a band that you need to not just listen to, but also watch.

Check out their TV-famous track “Historia del Arte,” which should make you feel a little icky—and that’s ok. Nothing’s better than art that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Also, super bonus points for using “ecce homo” in a pop song.