Nitty Scott Releases Explosive New Song “Mujeres Atómicas”

We’ve had a crush on New York-based rapper Nitty Scott for years now, especially after she launched her own style of “Afro-Latina girl magic” on her new album Creature! The 26-year-old, who blew up after the release of her EP The Boombox Diaries, Vol. 1 and a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, is back today with an explosive song and video for “Mujeres Atómicas,” a track produced by Yung Lil Big.

The Afro-Boricua rapper popped into Remezcla’s offices earlier this month to record an original video for “Mujeres Atómicas,” a song she was inspired to write for the upcoming spy thriller Atomic Blonde. The track features Scott’s signature spitfire rhymes – and each verse in Spanglish will make you want to rob a bank with your closest girlfriends (in pink ski masks, of course).

Atomic Blonde is based on the 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart, and it stars Charlize Theron as a top-level spy who is dispatched to Berlin to take down a crazy espionage ring. Think shootouts, car chase scenes, and general female badassery. Director/actor/stunt man David Leitch directed the film, which will be out on July 28. Check out the trailer here.