Arca_Bello Monte

PHOTOS: Arca’s Triumphant Homecoming at Bello Monte Acoustic Shell in Venezuela

Photo by Maga Lartitegu for Remezcla

After several years of absence, Venezuelan musician and record producer Arca returned to her homeland at the Bello Monte Acoustic Shell in Caracas on March 16. The concert’s build-up was marked by an incredibly joyful atmosphere, as expressed by Daniel Celaya, who documented the event for Remezcla. Freedom of expression prevailed, with outfits serving as a vehicle for this. It was an exhilarating night and, above all, a mesmerizing show where Arca’s stage presence and the audience’s energy were in sync.

Remezcla captured this historic performance and the immersed audience in attendance.

Photos by Maga Lartitegui for Remezcla.