15 Songs to Bump While Hunting for Pokemon, As Chosen By Sexy Zebras

Sexy Zebras are known for their tongue-in-cheek attitude. It’s a trait that has garnered them a reputation in their home country of Spain and beyond as playful and saucy no-fucks-given slackers. The band recently released a track titled “Hijo de Puta” which features clips of Donald Trump between scenes of rowdy partygoers. It’s a prime example of how the band mixes pop culture with their ballsy imagery and sound.

So during their recent visit to the Remezcla office, the band was challenged to play Pokemon Go around Bushwick, Brooklyn. Although they caught the basic Pidgeys, Magikarps, and Doduos, Sexy Zebras still claimed that they were very good at catching Pokemon.

Inspired by Remezcla’s challenge, the band curated a playlist for all your Pokemon Go needs. Check it out below.