PREMIERE: Álvaro Díaz Finds Brilliance In Bizarre Bop ‘Brilloteo’

Marrying hardstyle rapping, ultra-melodic hooks, and at least two types of beats is not easy, yet Álvaro Díaz does it all in one track without breaking a sweat. By tapping into his eclectic tastes with undeniable skill and charisma, Díaz has delivered a bop for the late summer and what’s sure to be a centerpiece on his forthcoming album Felicilandia.

When pressing play on “Brilloteo,” you’re greeted with a trap beat over which Díaz delivers some lyrical savagery; yet nothing about the 808s and fiery delivery suggest that something different might be lurking around the corner. Then the chorus hits and the contrast is evident, Díaz’s crooning hits like a sugar high before the cycle begins again. For the outro, the instrumental morphs into an ‘80s-inspired electro break that’s pure retro-futurist party soundtrack. By the time “Brilloteo” comes to an end, you’ll have no choice but to hit play again. Watch the premiere below:

Likewise, the video matches the vibe of the track by throwing Díaz in some fun situations. We see him chilling on a farm, getting married in faux Las Vegas, and paying homage to Kanye West’s video for “Bound 2.” The whole visual breaks with hip-hop and trap aesthetics and serves as a refreshing and entertaining representation of Alvaro Díaz’s whole deal.

About the song, Díaz tells Remezcla via email: “I’ve been exploring new ways of doing things while remaining true to myself […] I try to come up with something fresh and different, but I don’t want to be weird for the sake of it. During the past year, I have been learning how to be myself, something I consider to be the most important thing for an artist. I want everything that I do from here on out to have my personal seal, that people can immediately go, ‘yeah, that’s Álvaro.’”

So far, 2021 has been very good to Díaz, with the Boricua dropping hit after hit with an eclectic cast of guests. Previous to “Brilloteo” we heard “Exxxstasy” with Sousa, the Zion and Llane collab “Presente y Futuro,” “Tarantino” featuring Big Soto and Kobi Cantillo, and the solo track “Gatillera.” Considering this trend, “Brilloteo” will probably not be the last we hear from him before the year ends.

It’s not easy, but with its retro vibes, soulful choruses, and hard-hitting rhymes, Díaz makes it seem effortless. “Brilloteo” is sure to be a highlight of the year.