Premiere: Kaleema’s ‘Portales’ Celebrates An Outpour Of Different Kinds Of Love

Photo by Federico Andrade. Courtesy of the artist

Although many people may recognize Kaleema’s name for her collaborations with the likes of Chancha Via Circuito and Lido Pimienta, the Argentine singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has already carved her own space in Latin American music. Three years after dropping her debut album Nómada, Kaleema is ready to give us Útera, which comes out in early 2021 on Wonderwheel Recordings. But before that, she’s teasing us with a song that heals with love. “Portales” premieres below.

The song is Kaleema’s attempt to translate the feeling of being so deeply in love we feel like we’re floating into sound, and she succeeded. Blurring the lines between organic and electronic sounds, she created a track that wakes up the butterflies in our stomach. We’d be lifted off the ground if it wasn’t for the hypnotic dance beat that keeps us anchored.

Inspired by hip-hop, downtempo and Latin American folklore, Kaleema relies on a dreamlike bell arrangement, swooning Andean flute melodies, and her own voice to set the mood. Lyrically, she conjures a sort of hope that we’re desperately in need of right now, singing about an outpour of love, not only between people, but also with our environment.

“‘Portales’ is a song about freedom,” Kaleema says about the song, “transformation and the dire need for a paradigm shift for all humanity, in which we return to our roots and regain both our ability to feel and our union with the larger world, recognizing ourselves as part of nature.”