Premiere: Rawayana’s New Neo-Soul Jam Urges You To Tell Your Friends You Love Them

Photo courtesy of the band.

After a three-year hiatus, Rawayana are finally back with new music. Mostly known for their blend of pop and Caribbean sounds as well as their proclivity for reggae stylings, the Latin Grammy-nominated Venezuelan collective now brings us their take on neo-soul with “Mi Amigo Luis,” and behind its groove comes a celebration of life and male friendship.

Produced by former Los Amigos Invisibles member Cheo Pardo, “Mi Amigo Luis” is a heartfelt love letter to a friend of the band who passed away in a motorcycle accident a few years back. Their lyrics show us Luis’ sparkly and fun-loving personality and it’s impossible not to instantly think of someone in our lives who shares the same qualities.

“Mi Amigo Luis” comes with a stunning music video shot in Paris, France, and directed by Pierre-Loys Joubert. Its visuals mostly focus on five dancers who perform a synergetic choreography to the beat of the song, put together to represent the way friendship should be all about uplifting each other. Watch our exclusive premiere of the video here:

Watch the video premiere here:

They wrote it “to always remember that it’s not excessive to spread love to those around us and recognize that the best moment to do so is now while they’re still in this dimension,” the band shared in a press release. “We hope whoever hears this record for the first time will send an affectionate message to someone they love.”