Meet 15-Year-Old R&B Singer Daniel Muñoz, the Latino Justin Bieber

We’ve all been waiting for a Latino Justin Bieber, and we may have finally found him. Daniel Muñoz is a 15-year-old, Jersey born-and-bred singer and he’s already a teen heartthrob. But don’t let his baby face confuse you – Muñoz is anything but a sweet kid. Rocking his clean Air Max 90s, Ray Bans, and a backwards snapback, the young R&B singer is already plottin’ to take your girl – well, at least for the night. His songs play on every 15-year-old boy’s fantasy, from drinking shots of Hennessy with a girl he picked up from an 18-and-under club to shooting a “home movie.” Although his work may be based on fiction, the young New Jersey native’s potential is promising.

In the past seven months, Muñoz has put out five original tracks, one remix, and a cover of “Post To Be” that does the song justice. With more hard-hitting beat selections and catchier choruses, Muñoz is transforming into a more seasoned R&B artist with each song. His newest cut, “You’re Fine,” shows a different, more genuine side to the young R&B singer. His sweet serenade and guitar skills shine; it’s instant teen girl bait. While he carries the same confidence and boyish bravado that current R&B gods (like Omarion and Usher) carried when they first started in the game, Muñoz is poised to take the next step in his career. There’s really no telling how far he’ll go, but with a solid 150,000 collective plays on SoundCloud and his first live performance at the Bayonne, New Jersey town fair, it seems like the only direction is up.