Meet Pueblo, the California Power Trio Putting Cookie Cutter Surf Punk to Shame

Née: Fausto Martinez, Andrew Rubio, and Joshua Sturkey.
Raíces: Imperial Beach, CA.
Sounds like: If Wipers had children with Man or Astroman? and started a band.
You should listen to Pueblo because…With so many imitators and wannabes trying to get surf punk right, Pueblo has the chops and hooks to stand out.

If you grew up around San Diego’s South Bay in a town like Imperial Beach, you probably know someone who plays mariachi or is in a reggae band – or both. Although there’s a lot of surfing going on, surf music is about as relevant to kids as a flip phone. It’s arguably never been for surfers as much as it is about them.

That being said, it makes sense that Imperial Beach’s garage surf punks Pueblo exist. None of them surf, but they grew up around it. They’re young and you can tell how much effort and care goes into their songs. The rhythm section grooves seamlessly and lays down a solid foundation for Fausto’s frantic guitar work and expertly crafted melodies.

Not everyone can make surf sound fresh and exciting, and luckily they’ve received support from local imprint Chuck Records to issue Visitors, their debut EP. With the help of more seasoned musicians, the band managed to put down a solid recording that showcases how well they play off of each other as a power trio. This solid six-track EP shows they care about songwriting, and it’s chock full of hook-heavy jams without a single dud.

Pueblo are now in the midst of planning a tour later in 2016. Be sure to keep an eye out for them rolling into town. It’s your chance to see a young band from an unlikely part of San Diego IRL.