Quantic: Essential Facts / Essential Tracks

Quantic’s fifteenth studio record Magnetica made our Best of 2014 round ups, with Get Money Get Paid anthem”La Plata” getting chosen as one of our favorites of the year. This week, the prolific producer and musician is in Austin at SXSW, and you can catch him tonight  at Russian House after MPEACH. Catch up on your Quantic knowledge before the set with our Essential Facts/Essential Tracks series, featuring the artists we’ll be covering this SXSW 2015.


Known as: Colombian-based artist/arranger/producer musician Will Holland, known best for blending a unique sound that dabbles in a jazzy and soulful funk/cumbia style.

Background: Originally from the UK, Holland is now based in Colombia.

Sounds like: A mix of DJ production and live instrumentation, Quantic is either Holland by himself or Quantic and a group of musicians known as the “Quantic Soul Orchestra.” Holland himself can play guitar, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone, accordion and various percussive instruments, so he’s a creative force unto himself. Jazzy trip-hop is ultimately the essence, the occasional live vocalist (namely check out his work with Alice Russell) adding a sweet note to the heady (and head-nod worthy sonic mix).

Why you should see his showcase: May 2014-released album Magnetica is Holland’s 18th in 15 years of releasing music, with February-released “Painting Silhouettes” the first time that many became aware of Holland as a vocalist. His plaintive vocal over a metronomic drum and lilting acoustic guitar is par for the course, but so well-executed that it’s clearly deserving of praise. A rare case of an artist the may be getting better with age, his performances access all areas of the global soul spectrum with equal excellence.

Here’s another fact: As Quantic, Holland has been responsible for remix duties on 30-plus tracks.



Tuesday, March 17
12:30AM – 1:30AM
Russian House
307 E 5th St

Wednesday, March 18
12:00AM – 1:00AM
The Iron Bear