Remezcla Island: 50 Summer Songs That Aren’t “Despacito”

Art by Alan Lopez feat. Samuel Guerrero for Remezcla

Summer is upon us. Endless top-down car rides, outdoor asados, and Henny-fueled club nights are about to flood our timelines. To meet all your summer song needs, we’ve put together a three-hour playlist for every kind of warm weather function. This is Remezcla Island – a place where cyborg reggaeton meets breezy garage, where after-hours synth pop collides with speaker-knocking party rap. You won’t find “Despacito” on here; we know you all have been paying attention to music made by Latinos for more than five minutes, and will be hearing the Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber collab everywhere over the next couple of months. There’s plenty of under-the-radar Latino artists to explore, so press play and check out the summer songs we’ll have on loop all season. Welcome to Remezcla Island.