Meet Sexy Zebras, the Spanish Rock Trio With a No-Fucks-Given Attitude

Spanish power trio Sexy Zebras are making a name for themselves both at home and internationally as a must-see act. They’re currently promoting their most recent release Hola, Somos los putos Sexy Zebras, and with a title like that, they make sure they’ve got your attention. At the core of their over-the-top attitude, there’s a tongue-in-cheek, playful youthfulness that offsets what would otherwise seem a bit aggressive. It’s tough to keep the momentum up, especially when you are doing everything yourself, but in the case of Sexy Zebras, each release seems them stronger and more focused on the what’s important: playing live music and expanding their reach.

Since 2013, they have been self-releasing albums through their record label Vagabundos. Rather than waiting around for a label to take a chance on them, they’ve decided to record, release, and hit the road on their own. This DIY work ethic has not only allowed them to travel and play for global audiences, but it’s also helped them grow into seasoned live performers. Their formula is putting them on a crash-course mission to play their music to as many people as possible. Luck and hard work have landed them gigs opening for acts like Beck, Placebo, and Daniel Johnston. Their self-proclaimed irreverence and determination has paid off in other ways, since in 2015 they earned an MTV EMA nomination for Best Spanish Band.

Stylistically, the band’s riff-heavy songwriting seems consistent with their image: no-nonsense, blues-style guitar rock supported by a groove-heavy rhythm section. They might not be looking to innovate, but more to play what they know as loud as they can. If you’re looking for a band that straight up embodies the image of modern rock ‘n’ roll, then Sexy Zebras is it.

Now they’re ready to show the rest of the world who they are. The trio is currently making their way through the south of Spain after appearing at SXSW. After catching the eye of a major talent booking agency, they’ll be heading right back to this hemisphere with a tour in the U.S. and Mexico. If you’re itching to rage to some gritty rock, catch them at Festival Marvin in Mexico City, Ruido Fest in Chicago, or at one of their upcoming tour dates.