Smartwater Video Series Connects With Music Artists to Learn What Makes Them ‘Flow’

To flow means to live your life by your own set of rules and values. In doing so, you allow others to see your true character and what makes you unique. Everyone has an exceptional flow, and sharing it with the world is one way you can inspire others to do the same and forge their own path to success.

Before beginning your journey, remember that no one can flow without activating their heart, body, and mind. That’s why Remezcla is partnering with premium water brand Smartwater to share the smart living habits of some of our favorite artists with viewers, so they can tap into their own personal mindfulness habits, including staying hydrated with Smartwater.

Through the short video series HOW I FLOW, Smartwater is introducing audiences to a group of talented Latine artists eager to show people how they can work and live smarter and thrive both inside and outside their scene.

The first pair of emerging Latine artists spotlighted in the Smartwater video series are Coco & Breezy. The real-life sisters, who are half-Hispanic and half-African American, are DJs, producers, and designers of their own successful sunglasses brand. The road that got them to their current destination was a tough one. They were the only kids of color at their school growing up, which led to them being bullied online and in real life.

Now, as creators of their original music, Coco & Breezy are putting their own spin on everything they do. “For us, living smarter is about listening to our ancestors and passing that knowledge to future generations, so they can live smart, too,” the pair share in their video for the series.

Living smarter for Coco & Breezy means writing daily affirmations, eating lots of fruit, meditating together, disconnecting from the world, and connecting to themselves. These are only a few of the things that reset their hearts and bodies and allow them to take on everyone’s collective energy.

Another Latine artist brimming with her own verve is La Lulu, who was born and raised in Colombia and migrated to New York City in 2000. Through her music, she has blended both worlds and expanded her repertoire.

“Living smarter is about being conscious that life is about making choices to better ourselves,” said La Lulu, who is a vocalist, dancer, and Latin Grammy award-winning violinist. “I try to reframe the idea of ‘the grind’ [and] how it means to take care of your heart and mind, too. Getting into the right mental space is the key for everything that I do.”

Salt Cathedral, a band from Bogotá, Colombia, currently based in Brooklyn, New York, also knows what it’s like to experience the daily grind. Working hard has helped them garner more than 29 million plays on Spotify and thousands of international fans. The duo, Juliana Ronderos and Nicolás Losada, has traveled across the globe and played more than 250 shows from Japan to Switzerland to their home country of Colombia.

“Living smarter is about finding balance and feeling your body and being grateful and just remembering we get to do this,” Ronderos said.

By “letting time take its time,” the members of Salt Cathedral have identified a way to live a fulfilling life. “[We flow] by finding an inner balance that allows us to fully express ourselves.”

That kind of expression makes all these Latine artists a distinctive voice in the music industry. It’s only a matter of time before everyone discovers just how unique their flow really is.