This Playlist Pa’ el Gym Will Keep You Motivated in 2020

Art by Alán Lopez for Remezcla

That’s it. It’s a new decade, y el cuerpo lo sabe. And that’s why many of us (including a few of us in the office) are making the commitment to better stick to our gym routines in the New Year. The nearly month-long binge of tamales, pastelitos, pernil, coquito and countless other goodies has left us feeling a bit sluggish (though also justifiably euphoric). That’s why we put together this high-energy workout playlist for your gym adventures. These 40 songs you can sweat to will keep you motivated and activo, even when you’re feeling the burn as you run off the holiday’s indulgences. And even should you choose to drop the resolutions and skip the gym, you can still put on your gym clothes and bump this playlist at home as a form of self-care.

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