Victoria La Mala Bends Genres, Takes No Sh*t on ‘Soy Mala’

Photo by G Shots. Courtesy of Roc Nation

“Cuando un hombre se encabrona, hasta el diablo le perdona/Pero a mi me llaman loca si mis lagrimas se notan,” sings Victoria La Mala on “Sexo Débil.” In other words, “When a man gets angry, even the devil will forgive him/ But me, they call me crazy if they see my tears.” The Regional Mexican and R&B-blending track featuring Chiquis Rivera is a standout on the Mexican artist’s debut EP, Soy Mala, out today.

Around 2016, when Victoria La Mala emerged mixing pop, R&B and other contemporary Anglo styles with Regional Mexican music, she was met with criticism by traditionalists, despite the fact that she’s not the first to do such a thing—think Selena, Jenni Rivera (mom to Chiquis), Paquita la del Barrio and others. Today, there are plenty of other folks fusing Regional Mexican with whatever they want, too; some are even lauded as innovators and pioneers of a sound dubbed Post-Regional. Still, Victoria La Mala was questioned rather than celebrated.

Of course, there were folks who did celebrate her. La Mala has over 150K followers on social media and 20K listeners on Spotify who have been eagerly awaiting her collection of songs. Early fans will appreciate that it’s exactly as confrontational in its lyrics and experimental in its styling as her earliest work. She hasn’t changed—instead, she’s doubled down.

While the track appears without the acronym on the album, originally, “Sexo Débil” had TNMDQH—for “tu no me dices que hacer” or “you don’t tell me what to do”—attached to it. The standout track is as much a statement of who Victoria La Mala is and how little f*cks she gives about what anyone thinks of her as it is an anthem for all femmes: a reminder to press on and do you—especially when detractors try to drag you down.