Frankie Reyes’ ‘Ven Mamacita’ Video Celebrates Old School Courtship in the Time of Online Dating

Courtesy of the artist

Los Angeles-based electronic music artist Frankie Reyes, also known for his work under the Gifted & Blessed moniker, is set to drop his latest full-length Originalitos on October 23 through staple hip-hop imprint Stones Throw. The album continues Reyes’ exploration of his Latin American roots that began on his previous output, 2016’s Boleros Valses y Mas, in which he reinterpreted regional standards such as “La Flor de la Canela” and “La Bikina” using little more than an Oberheim synthesizer and a MIDI sequencer. The difference is that this time, as its name suggests, Originalitos is filled with Reyes’ own compositions, including his new song “Ven Mamacita.”

Following in the footsteps of “Alma de la Palma,” this single also shines through its minimalism. Each synth note drips on our ears to form an impressionistic wonder that screams romance without including a single word. There’s a palpable influence from those valses he grew up with, giving the track an embedded nostalgia for old times that are easy to romanticize.

The accompanying video for “Ven Mamacita” beautifully translates the delicate piece into images, and we’re premiering it exclusively at Remezcla. Directed by Jesús Iñiguez and shot in San Francisco, the visuals are all about old school courtship in a time when online dating has become the norm. It’s an endearing portrayal of the beginning of a relationship, where a man and a woman meet and get to know each other in a park as the sun sets. Ironically, it’s Reyes himself who almost sabotages the encounter remotely with his music but, luckily, it all works out in the end.

Here’s the premiere of “Ven Mamacita”: