WACO Fest 2015 Photo Gallery: A Great Place to Build Your Squad

So here I was, a year after my first WACO experience: same hotel, same venue, same city, better weather. Though this time I was prepared for surviving another heat stroke, so I had my kit: bottle of water, Electrolit, and a very cold Coca-Cola; my hat, jorts, special socks, and cameras were also in tow. This year’s line up included friends like LNG/SHT, Caloncho, O Tortuga, and Sotomayor. Everything was set for having a lot of fun during the weekend.

I don’t know what’s in the air at WACO, but it’s inevitable to not become BFFs with the people you hang with at the festival. This year, I returned home with new BFFs like Diego (the sweetest and funniest 19-year-old from Chihuahua, responsible for the music of Dromedarios Mágicos), Cat (LNG/SHT’s DJ), Awwz (from Barcelona, who’s #showermusic is sexy as hell), and Sau Poler (another guy from Barcelona, who was in charge of closing out WAMF 2015 festival).

The whole festival was a huge party. People went from dancing sexy with Sotomayor to dirty crazy cumbia with Sonido Satanás, then slow bump-n-grind jams with Awwz, and finally, powerful techno with André VII and Mijo, just to end a wild day with Sau Poler‘s magical set. On the other hand, there were two sets in which they really took live karaoke to the next level: LNG/SHT and Caloncho. The girls went absolutely crazy for Guadalajara’s golden boy, singing each and every song Caloncho played at the top of their lungs.

If the WACO organizers continue with the hard work they’ve put in these past three years, it will become one of the most important independent festivals in northern Mexico.