Amazon Prime Day: Remezcla Editors’ Top Work-From-Home Picks

In the wake of the pandemic, our team transitioned to working from home, which soon became a permanent work setup for all of the Remezcla staff. With years of a work-from-home environment for us, we’ve taken a keen interest in optimizing our spaces for better efficiency — because working from home can sometimes feel like a trap for lack of productivity. And we know that we aren’t alone, so we’ve decided to put together a list of our staff’s favorite Amazon work-from-home finds just in time for the annual Prime Day event on July 11 and 12. 

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As we navigate the new world of remote work, we understand the importance of creating a workspace that allows for productivity and inspiration. That’s why we hope you find something on our list that helps you put together an environment that suits your needs. Whether you’re seeking a new screen layout, a coffee upgrade, or a fashion must-have, you can upgrade your home office setup without breaking the bank. Check out the products and blurbs from our editors for Prime day, below. 

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Office Monitor

“Nothing like upgrading from a 13-inch laptop screen to a 27-inch monitor to level up a workstation. I had not realized I was straining my eyesight and neck until I blew up a Google Doc on this baby. I fear I may never look at my poor MacBook Air the same. My desk now looks like I hack into government agency’s files instead of editing Peso Pluma articles all day—I love it!” — Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum, Music Editor

Smart Wireless Printer

“What’s there not to love about the HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer? It can print, scan, & copy! I use it to print out my monthly tasks; with many projects happening at Remezcla, it’s great to keep track of everything that needs to be completed. It keeps me organized and on time with what’s required to help my team. I also use it to print out photos; while having them on your phone is great, there’s nothing like the nostalgia of having a picture to add to a physical album. As an Alexa user, I love using that and my phone to print out documents and images.” — Alma Sacasa, Social Media Manager

Keurig Coffee Maker

“Anyone who wakes up as early as I do and jumps on their laptop to start writing needs a strong pick-me-up, especially if the sun hasn’t risen yet. Instead of Starbucks, it’s much more efficient and affordable to brew a cup of cafecito with the K-Iced Keurig single-serve coffee maker. Ditch the coffee beans, pop your favorite flavored coffee pod into the machine, and have an instant cup of joe within seconds. Don’t forget the pan dulce.” — Kiko Martinez, Writer

Portable Hand Vacuum Cleaner

“Having a handheld cordless vacuum is pretty helpful for cleaning up small messes when my work desk turns into my lunch desk and later transforms into a craft desk after 5 p.m. Even better, it’s small and can be hidden away compared to a big clunky vacuum. It’s also lightweight enough that it’s easier to pick this up for small messes.” —Lyra Hale, Trending News Editor

Neutral Blazer

“A beige blazer is a work-from-home must-have for me. It quickly and effortlessly elevates my appearance for virtual meetings. I could be wearing a casual t-shirt, and with a quick plop on, it adds a touch of professionalism to my overall look, making me feel more put-together. Additionally, if I did want to wear IRL, the neutral beige shade complements a wide range of outfits, allowing for versatile styling options. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s comfortable, which is crucial when working from home. Its more-relaxed fit stays comfortable even during longer video calls.” — Thatiana Diaz, Editor in Chief