5 Must See Latino Movies at NewFest, New York’s LGBT Film Festival

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The queer Latino films that are part of this year’s NewFest, running July 24 – 29, are sure to tantalize. The trailers are full of clumsily passionate kisses, multivariable threesomes and, well, nudity. Bring some sunblock and ice-cold jugos naturales into the movie theater with you ’cause it’s gonna get longitudinally, equatorially caliente. You might need to hit a bathhouse afterward… or you might wanna call your mom. Though there are offerings from Mexico to Argentina, the strongest films this year come from Brazil. Here’s are the Lathings to peep in NYC during queer NewFest week.


Futuro Beach
Director: Karim Aïnouz
Country: Brazil, Germany

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Donato, a Brazilian lifeguard, fails to save a swimmer from drowning. He reaches out to Konrad, the victim’s friend, and begins a passionate love affair that takes them to Berlin. Years later, Donato is still not able to shake his past. This opening night film is the most recent oeuvre from Karim Aïnouz, director of 2002’s Madame Sata, which if you haven’t seen yet you must click over to your Netflix cue and put it on top.

Opening Night Film: Thursday, July 24, 7pm



What It Was
Director: Daniel Armando
Country: USA

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Adina, a successful Latina actress, leaves Hollywood and returns to New York, where old passions are awakened. The past and the present intertwine as she tumbles through a series of intense relationships that force her to confront her true identity.

Saturday, July 26, 4pm


I Am Happiness on Earth
Director: Julián Hernández
Country: Mexico

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Emiliano, a film director, falls for one of the dancers he’s been photographing. Though they develop a meaningful connection, Emiliano finds it difficult to remain faithful. Will Emiliano be able to sustain a relationship or will his lust for beauty and meaning take him elsewhere? Hernandez previously directed Broken Sky and has been lauded as one of Mexico’s most boldly poetic directors.

Saturday, July 26, 9pm


The Way He Looks
Director: Daniel Ribeiro
Country: Brazil

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Leonardo is blind and spends his days being dragged around by his best friend Giovana. His dull existence takes an upswing when the handsome and charismatic Gabriel opts to spend time with Leo as opposed to ogling girls. Will Gabriel and Leo succumb to their mutual attraction or hide before judging glances? The music of Belle & Sebastian creates the backdrop to this story of first-love and it’s sure to squeeze your heart for every bit of saudade. There is quite a bit of buzz around this film among festival circles as it swept at Berlin. I strongly recommend you check it out.

Tuesday, July 29, 4:30pm


El Tercero
Director: Rodrigo Guerrero
Country: Argentina

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Fede meets an older gay couple in a chat room and is invited to spend the night with them. The encounter proves to be intensely revelatory for Fede who awakens the next morning changed and open to love.

Closing Night Film: Tuesday, July 29, 9:30pm


NewFest starts July 24 and runs through July 29, at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.