5 Must See Movies at the Brazilian Film Festival of Miami

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The best in Brazilian cinema comes stateside at the 18th annual Brazilian Film Festival of Miami starting tonight, August 20. During the five day fest, 16 short and feature films will compete for best of the festival at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. Considered the largest Brazilian film festival in the U.S., this year’s event includes the Taste of Brazil where patrons can sample yummy food from the region. Here’s a look at five of our favorite films playing the fest.

S.O.S. Women Overboard
S.O.S. Mulheres ao Mar
Director: Cris D’Amato

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In this romantic comedy, a woman (Giovanna Antonelli) boards a cruise ship with her sister and a maid in an attempt to sabotage her ex-husband’s honeymoon.

9:30pm on Wednesday, August 20

Bald Mountain
Serra Pelada
Director: Heitor Dhalia

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Set in 1980, two men leave their hometown when they learn there might be gold in the Amazon Rainforest. The film won the Audience Award at the 2014 Festin Lisboa Film Festival.

9:30pm on Thursday, August 21

The Invisible Collection
A Coleção Invisivel
Director: Bernard Attal

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After the death of his friend, a man (Vladimir Brichta) travels to the Brazilian countryside in search of a collection of rare drawings that can help get his family’s antique shop out of debt.

7:00pm on Friday, August 22

The Dognapper
Mato Sem Cachorro
Director: Pedro Amorim

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A 30-year-old slacker (Bruno Gagliasso) decides to take action when his girlfriend (Leandra Leal) dumps him and takes their dog with her.

9:30pm on Friday, August 22

Never Too Old to Meow
Gata Velha Ainda Mia
Director: Rafael Primot

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Brazil’s most-widely acclaimed actress Regina Duarte (Desejos de Mulher) stars as Gloria Polk, a writer who decides to let her journalist neighbor interview her, which spurs some drama between the two women.

7:00pm on Saturday, August 23

The Brazilian Film Festival of Miami runs August 20 -24.