5 Shocking Moments in Latino Talk Show History

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3. Dominican Talk Show Host Franklin Barazarte Lights Guest’s Head On Fire

This incident actually just took place last week, and may or may not have been the inspiration behind this post. In the video below, you can see TV Host Barazarte, who was serving as guest host on the astrology and variety show “Closer to the Stars,” abruptly throw a bunch of flaming liquid into Las Vegas-based magician Wayne Houchin’s face. The liquid, Aqua de Florida, is commonly used by Caribbean shamans “in healing and cleansing rituals,” and Barazarte claims the incident was an attempted “blessing” gone awry. Regardless of whether it was an accident, it seems like Barazarte may have a reputation for being out of line – in the last moments of the video you can hear filming crew member muttering “F*ck man, yo sabía que este señor iba a hacer una locura.”

[insert-video youtube=WQOeFC0d12k]

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