5 Shocking Moments in Latino Talk Show History

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4. Jaime Bayly Complains On Air

The New Times Broward-Palm Beach 2011 feature on Jaime Bayly perhaps put it best: “It’s hard to overestimate the grasp Bayly has on the Peruvian psyche. Imagine a child of privilege like Bobby Kennedy Jr. but openly bisexual, prone to drug abuse, dying of mysterious liver problems, and intent on exposing all of his family’s darkest secrets. Now envision giving him free rein on TV every night.” Widely regarded as the most controversial talk show host in all of Latin-America, it’s hard to pick just one moment in Bayly’s outspoken and scandal-ridden career. We’ll settle for the video below, in which he goes on an on-air rant about the temperature in the studio, the management at Mega TV – the Miami channel that hosted his show for three-years – and eventually his salary. The complaints, which included comparing the station’s vice president to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, led Bayly to quit (or perhaps be fired?) from the show in 2009.

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