5 Shocking Moments in Latino Talk Show History

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5. Laura Bozzo’s Show Canceled After Scandal Exposing Illegal Use Of Minors

Not proud to say it, but Peru kind of has the whole “controversial talk show” thing on lock. Laura Bozzo – or as we like to call her in my family: “la vergüenza nacional” – is basically the Peruvian Jerry Springer. The various iterations of her show over the years all featured the usual sordid scandals (i.e. “my nanny is beating my child and also having an affair with my husband and p.s. she is underage”), but since it was one of the only (and highest rated) Peruvian shows to be broadcast outside of Peru, it kind of gave us a bad rep abroad. Interestingly enough, it was Jaime Bayly who helped bring the show to its demise, by exposing the fact that not only was Laura paying panelists to perform scripted lies, but that many of these panelists were minors. In a particularly appalling example, Laura allegedly paid a 7 year old girl to say her step father sexually abused her, and used the same girl on a different episode, where she was falsely presented as the victim of an earthquake that devastated the coast of Peru. C’MAN LAURA. Did you really think no one was gonna notice you were recycling guests? Not a good look. In fact, this whole compilation of Laura episodes below is not a good look:

[insert-video youtube=olBQojj4cLw]

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