6 Must See Mexican Movies at FICG in LA, the Guadalajara Film Festival’s Hollywood Takeover

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As an extension of its hometown festival in March, FICG (Festival Internacional de Cine Guadalajara) now brings the best in contemporary Mexican and Latin American cinema to Los Angeles with FICG in LA. The festival, which runs from September 4 – 7, returns to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and includes Q&A sessions with filmmakers and talent and a special awards ceremony to recognize Latinos in the industry such as Oscar nominee Demian Bichir (A Better Life), who will receive the Tree of Life Award at this year’s festivities.

“Many of the films in this year’s showcase reveal the cross-cultural collaborations currently taking place between film industries in Latin America, the US, and Canada,” said Hebe Tabachnik, director and producer of FICG in LA. “These collaborations have resulted in the creation of groundbreaking, authentic, multicultural stories that move seamlessly across national and cultural boundaries.”

Below are six feature films you should not miss at this year’s festival.

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The Hours With You (Las Horas Contigo)
Director:Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Country: Mexico


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Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival this year, this Mexican comedy/drama stars Cassandra Ciangherotti (Even the Rain) as Ema, a young woman facing the challenges of an unwanted pregnancy while, at the same time, trying to build a relationship with her own estranged mother.

7:30pm on Friday, Sept 5

Echo of the Mountain (Eco de la montaña)
Director: Nicolás Echevarría
Country: Mexico


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This documentary film explores the life and work of Huichol artist Santos de la Torre as he makes a pilgrimage to Wirikuta to ask permission from the gods to create a new mural. The doc won the MEZCAL Award (Best Mexican Long Feature Film) at the Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival this year.

11:00am on Saturday, Sept 6

Paradise (Paraiso)
Director: Mariana Chenillo
Country: Mexico


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Carmen and Alfredo live a happy, quiet life in the suburbs surrounded by friends and family. After Alfredo rec eives a promotion, the two move away to Mexico City where t hey immediately feel the social pressure of being overw eight in a bustling metropolis full of beautiful people. Read more here: 7 Super Sized Reasons to See the Mexican Normcore Comedy Paraiso

3:45pm on Saturday, Sept 6

Los Ángeles
Director: Damian John Harper
Country: Mexico


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Winner of the Mayahel Award (Best First Work) at the Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival this year, filmmaker Damian John Harper tells the story of Mateo (Mateo Bautista Matías), a 17 year old young man whose planned migration to Los Angeles to support his poor family is threatened when a local gang leader wants him to commit murder.

8:00pm on Saturday, Sept 6

Grazing the Sky (A ras del cielo)
Director: Horacio Alcalá
Country: Mexico, Spain


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Nominated for the Cine Latino Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this year, this documentary film takes a look at some of the men and women who perform in Cirque Du Soleil. Taking two years to shoot, the film was made in 11 different countries.

3:30pm on Sunday, Sept 7

One for the Road (En el ultimo trago)
Director: Jack Zagha Kababie
Country: Mexico


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Three men in their 80s go on a road trip misadventure when they set out to fulfill the dying wish of a longtime friend.

8:00pm on Sunday, Sept 7

For more information on the 2014 Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles, visit the FICG in LA website.