A Bilingual Robot Makes Drinks in Alex Rivera's New Short Film

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Twitter: @BarbotRobot

Alex Rivera, the man behind the wonderful Mexi-futurist film Sleep Dealer and these heart-wrenching immigration-themed music videos, is revisiting Chicano-tinged sci-fi with an Isaac Asimov-inspired short, A Robot Walks into a Bar. The film, part of the PBS series FutureStates, follows the strange events that take place within what appears to be a southwestern watering hole when it finds itself with a new bartender. That’s right, completely independently of my Twitter handle, Rivera has made a film about a robot bartender, or bar-bot. It’s definitely low budget and more than a little predictable, but the “twist” at the end gains another level of relevance given the setting: a bar full of Mexican-Americans accusing mechanical men of coming in and stealing their jobs.

Check out the trailer for this season’s FutureStates below and watch Rivera’s film here.

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