TNU: Univision Streams Awesome Old Movies for Free

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Remezcla readers love to take in culture, but don’t always have the cash for tickets. That’s where we come in. A Theater Near You is Remezcla’s guide to awesome Latin movies for the lazy and broke; you can watch these all at home (because sabemos que son flojos).


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The Movie

I mean where do we even begin?

We have to thank our buddies over at Guanabee for this tip, which is so ridiculously perfect for the A Theater Near You column that we couldn’t resist posting about it. As Marcelo writes:

If you’re just as old as I am, then you probably remember watching Risa En Vacaciones, Ni Chana Ni Juana (starring India Maria!), and Mas Que Alcanzar Una Estrella on TV at some point in your life. These kinds of movies used to be broadcasted late night or Sundays by the likes of Univision, Telemundo, and Galavision (if you had cable) back in the day before they were replaced by American flicks with Spanish overdubs. […] Watching Bruce Willis punch around some dude while dropping over-acted, out-of-synch lines doesn’t have the same charm as Luis De Alba’s dorky puns in Metiche y Encajoso, or Lucerito & Pedro Fernandez’s teenage romance in Coqueta.

We are in full-on agreement, which is why news of this streaming page is so goddamn cool. As of writing this, Univision has compiled 27 vintage Spanish language movies, with more on the way. Thanks to Univision, we’ll be procrastinating for hours just watching these old movies. Some are better than others, but honestly it’s hard to do better than these titles:

  • Si da…ya dio! – Yep. It’s an AIDS pun.
  • Corazón de Tequila – a.k.a. my weekend
  • AR-15 Comando Impacable II – Do you think we’ll be totally lost if we haven’t seen the first one?
  • La risa en vacaciones 2 -I like it when movies don’t so much have titles as tell me how to react to them. Here’s looking at you, Scream.
  • Un Hombre Llamado el Diablo – I don’t actually have a comment, it just sounds badass.

We are so there. I’ll say this, though: I’m surprised, pero bien bien surprised, that Univision isn’t offering English subtitles, here. It’s sort of the new thing. Get on it, guys.

Where You Can Watch It Now

They’re all – blessedly, amazingly – online at Univision Peliculas.