Actress Bella Thorne Turns Into Punk-Rock Fighter in ‘Chick Fight’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Quiver Distribution.
Courtesy of Quiver Distribution.
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In what looks to be a homage to the dark drama/comedy Fight Club, the upcoming action comedy Chick Fight is a female version of the 1999 cult classic. Chick Fight stars Malin Akerman (Watchmen), Alec Baldwin (The Departed) and Cuban American actress Bella Thorne (Blended).

In the movie, Akerman’s character Anna, a down-on-her-luck business owner who discovers the thrill of her life when she is introduced to an all-female, underground fight club. Thorne, whose late father is of Cuban descent, plays Olivia, one of the meanest and hardest-hitting women fighting in the caged ring.

Olivia, who is a sort of punk-rock version of Harley Quinn, is looking for “real competition,” so when someone as green as Anna waltzes in, she doesn’t take too kindly to the newcomer. Olivia is a talented fighter and Anna quickly notices she is out of her league. “She moves like Neo in The Matrix,” she says in the trailer.

With the help from her new trainer Jack Murphy (Baldwin), Anna sets her sights on becoming a fighter who can hold her own. But with Olivia in the way, things could prove challenging. During the trailer, Anna confronts her and calls her “Cobra Kai,” a reference to the teenage bullies in The Karate Kid franchise.

“You ready to bleed?” Thorne’s Olivia says to one of her opponents in one of the trailer’s final scenes. We’ll have to see if Anna uses Daniel LaRusso’s famous crane kick to win some of her matches, but Thorne doesn’t look like she’s the type of fighter who will back down easily. In fact, we’d put our money on her to give both Johnny Lawrence and Tyler Durden a solid beatdown.

Chick Fight hits VOD platforms November 13.