Diane Guerrero’s Steamy & Funny Video Will Send Voters To Take a Cold Shower, Then Polls

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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The sexual innuendo is strong in actress Diane Guerrero’s steamy (and hilarious) video that encourages people to get to the polls and vote safely during the pandemic.

Dressed in a black skirt, silky chartreuse blouse, and shiny pearl nail polish and sitting on a comfy-looking, king-sized bed, the Orange Is the New Black star asks viewers if this is their “first time” and if they feel “nervous.”

“It’s normal to have lots of emotions about this big decision,” Guerrero says. “But I’m here to tell you, it’s gonna feel so good. So, you should definitely do it.”

The “it,” of course, is “voting,” but with the way Guerrero is staring inside viewers’ souls, we’re not sure that it is. The video cuts back and forth from medium shots of Guerrero on the bed to closeups of her smiling, biting and pursing her lips and flirting with viewers. Flower petals and voting ballots are seen raining down on the comforter in slow motion. Is that a pan dulce pillow in the center?

Guerrero reminds voters that there is still “a deadly disease out there” and that we should all “get down and practice safe, consensual and pleasurable voting.” She also asks viewers to think about what issues excite them the most: universal health care, women’s rights, the Green New Deal, abolishing ICE?

She then implies that even though presidential candidate Joe Biden is “kind of vanilla,” the flavor is superior to the Donald Trump alternative. “Vanilla tastes way better than orange sherbet-ass Klu Klux cream,” she says.

However you decide to vote – by mail or in person – Guerrero says this election is too critical for liberal voters to stay home. “There’s nothing sexier than claiming your power and kicking fascism in the balls on its way out the door.”

If Republicans are already known for voter suppression, can Guerrero and Democrats claim voter obsession?