Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Son Announces “Surreal” Sex Tape Project

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Is it any surprise that Chilean film director, author and psychedelic mystic Alejandro Jodorowsky has fathered some pretty wacky kids? With a family tree full of artists, musicians, actors and fashion models all living together in harmony, it seems Jodorowsky’s “psychomagical” approach to child rearing was, for the most part, rather effective. And the esoteric artist patriarch has never been shy about making his films a family affair: last year’s The Dance of Reality featured three of his children – Brontis, Adan, and Cristóbal – acting in different roles, and his 1970 cult sensation El Topo featured a 7 year-old Brontis wandering the Mexican desert naked for two hours.

Is it any surprise, then, that in addition to a successful music career in France, his youngest child Adan has recently announced via Twitter that he will direct a video featuring “surrealistic and Baroque coitus that will last 4:10 minutes”? According to his brief statement, the video will feature alt-porn prodigy, Stoya (also known as Stoya Doll), who in addition to acting as a sort of spokeswoman for a hypothetical porn actor’s guild, has appeared in such timeless classics as Stoya Video Nasty and Jack’s POV 9.

It seems the intercourse itself will be about as brief as Jodorosky’s tweet, and while the French aren’t exactly renowned for their nocturnal marathons, the video better be pretty damn baroque to make those 4:10 worthwhile.