TRAILER: Alfonso Cuarón’s Mexico City-Set Drama ‘Roma’ Is Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Lead Photo: 'Roma' photo by Carlos Somonte. Courtesy of Netflix
'Roma' photo by Carlos Somonte. Courtesy of Netflix
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Alfonso Cuarón‘s Roma deserves to be seen up on the big screen. This black-and-white ode to the Mexican director’s childhood is so crisply shot that you’ll want to be fully immersed in it in a movie theater. So it’s finally good news to hear that Netflix has finalized plans to open the film theatrically later this month before it hits the streaming service in December. To mark the announcement, they released the full trailer for his first Mexico-set project since Y tu mamá también back in 2001.

In keeping with Roma‘s loving attention to the sheer mundanity of everyday life, the trailer is mostly a series of images that set the mood for Cuarón’s Oscar-bound movie. Scored by a twinkling piano that reveals itself to be Pink Floyd’s “The Great Gig in the Sky,” you see housekeeper Cleo (newcomer Yalitza Aparicio) washing clothes, sweeping floors, sorting laundry. But the more these stilled shots add up, you start to get glimpses of the drama that underscores the film: you see a loose wedding ring and an emotional hug goodbye, a training montage and then a scene of carnage, a beachside car ride and a family vacation. As actress Marina de Tavira (who plays the matriarch of the family Cleo works for) told us, the 1970s-set film is, above all, a love letter to Mexico.

Like journalist Jorge Ramos put it after he watched Roma, you may never want to leave the world the Oscar-winning director has so perfectly recreated. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at the full trailer below and see Cuarón’s childhood in Mexico City come to life.

Roma will open in New York and Los Angeles on November 21, 2018, and additional cities on December 5. It will hit Netflix and even more theaters on December 14.