Almodovar's Los Amantes Pasajeros is Coming Soon

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Pedro Almodóvar groupies can breathe a sigh of relief. Sony Pictures Classics has announced that they will release his upcoming film in U.S. theaters as early as next summer. Things are a bit hazy since filming hasn’t even started yet–the shoot is scheduled to begin next month in Spain. But, what was only chisme a few months ago is proving to be mostly true.

Details about the movie began creeping into the press earlier this year. The script is said to be Almodóvar’s most chistoso in years. The title in Spanish, Los amantes pasajeros, hints at the storyline–a group of travelers aboard a plane flying to Mexico City that seems likely to crash, terrified and fearing for their lives, begin to confess their spicy life secrets.

Agustín Almodóvar, Pedro’s brother and producer of the film, promises a return to the old absurdist comedies they are famous for: “It is a witty comedy, with very spicy dialogues and with a lot of fun and transgression. It will be very fresh and brazen. Very much like the films that we did back in the ’80s”.

The cast brings together old Almodóvar favorites with newcomers and well-known actors. The movie stars Javier Camara (Talk to Her), Cecilia Roth (All About My Mother) and Lola Duenas (Volver). Spanish comedians Carlos Areces, Raul Arevalo and Mexican actor José María Yazpik are also in the cast. There will also be cameos by Paz Vega, Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas.

Though previously translated as Brief Lovers or Standby Lovers, the English-language title has been confirmed as I’m So Excited. I am so so excited! ¿Y tú?