At the end of the 92nd Academy Awards, few people of color will have won. And while we’ll be tuned in for every single moment, we know that we won’t see many Latinx or Latin American winners. On the red carpet, America Ferrera was asked to weigh in on the lack of diversity at this year’s Oscars and come up with a way to fix this broken system.

“Well, I think that there are so many avenues and so many obstacles that need to start being dealt with,” she told Variety. “For one, we need to just start changing who we acknowledge and that may have a lot to do with who’s on the, who the decision-makers are. It’s a large Academy, but a lot of the Academy has been around for a very long time and may not be ready to shift and move with the culture and the times, so I think the makeup of what the Academy, what the voting Academy looks like has to shift as well.”

Well said.