TRAILER: Ana Maria Polo’s New TV Show Is ‘Caso Cerrado’ for Gringos

Lead Photo: Dr Ana Maria Polo on 'Caso Cerrado.' Photo: Enrique Tubio/Telemundo
Dr Ana Maria Polo on 'Caso Cerrado.' Photo: Enrique Tubio/Telemundo
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Here’s news that you and your tía can get behind. Dr. Ana Maria Polo is bringing the no-nonsense attitude she’s perfected in the courtroom daytime show Caso Cerrado to English-language television. Her new FOX show, Ana Polo Rules, will see her yet again working as an arbiter for people hoping to solve their disputes. Fans of her Telemundo arbitration show know that the Miami-based Cuban lawyer is notorious for settling the kind of cases that make you utter “WTF?” while also being the most hands-on person you’re likely to see in a courtroom.

Case in point: in the episode that netted Caso Cerrado the first-ever Emmy nomination for a Spanish-language show back in 2010 was all about a Paso Fino horse. Part of the issue was the fact that the (very expensive) horse had a hoof disease – a fact that Polo decided to investigate on her own. As in, she literally went outside to ride said horse! To be sure, she’s also dealt with saucier issues, like bestiality, murder, prostitution, and even a gay scam involving someone with two penises. Which is to say, she’s pretty much seen it all and can cut through your bullshit faster than anyone on daytime TV.

From the looks of the first trailer for Ana Polo Rules, everything that’s made Caso Cerrado a hit will be left intact in this new venture. Moreover, it looks like even her famous catchphrase – “He dicho. Caso cerrado!” which she normally shouts as she slams down her gavel – has been given an English makeover: “And this is how I rule!” But one question remains: will she be talk-singing/rapping her new theme song? We’ll have to wait and see.

Check out the trailer below.

Ana Polo Rules premieres August 7, 2017 on FOX.