For Latinos watching fútbol in the United States, the emblematic voice of commentator Andrés Cantor has become synonymous with the excitement and drama the sport delivers in every match.

The Argentine sportscaster is at his most iconic when he loudly yells “Gooooool!” for an immeasurable amount of time – a call that’s been his signature since the early 1990s. Cantor’s singular and often melodramatic style has earned him the attention of English-speaking audiences as well as five Emmy Awards. It was only obvious that The Simpsons thought of him to be a guest star for their soccer-themed show.

Having originally aired on March 30, 2014, ahead of the World Cup in Brazil and as part of The Simpson’s 25th season, the episode titled “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee” centers on the ridiculousness that ensues when Homer is recruited to be a referee at FIFA’s biggest event thanks to a viral video in which Lisa hails him as an outstanding citizen.

Once on the field, Homer becomes the main topic of conversation among all the announcers, including Cantor. In this short clip, Cantor is seen misusing his legendary “Goal” call when no one has scored. When his colleague questions the move, he comically replies, “I have no controooool! This job has taken its toooooooll!” The appearance pokes fun at his over-the-top reactions that have shaped the way viewers experience fútbol.

This year, Cantor is back on television adding his unique brand of pulse-raising commentary to each game for the World Cup in Russia on Telemundo, after being absent from the screen in 2014 when he was only lending his talents to radio.