Fox’s Animated Series ‘Bordertown’ Broke Barriers for Latino Talent & Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Fox
Courtesy of Fox
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We’re living in what’s touted as “the Golden Age of Television,” but that content is slowly moving off your TV screen and into streaming platforms where you can discover any shows you’ve missed. One that is transitioning to the streaming medium is the Mexican-American animated sitcom Bordertown. You might recall Bordertown as the Fox cartoon comedy created by Mark Hentemann with executive producer Seth McFarlane.

The show follows a white American border agent and his Mexican immigrant neighbors. In development since 2013, the show drew comparisons to All in the Family, no surprise considering the five Latino writers at the helm – including columnist Gustavo Arellano and cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz – to aid in its relevancy. One episode in particular hit on the topic of building a border wall. Written a year before Donald Trump even announced his candidacy, the irreverent show proved it had its finger on the pulse of USA’s political divisions. Unfortunately, Fox premiered the show midseason in January of 2016 and cancelled it in May. Thankfully, you can now stream the complete series on Netflix.

Netflix is no stranger to Latino television, as evidenced by the swath of telenovelas, dramas and more in their Spanish-language section. In 2016 they debuted the remake of One Day at a Time about the life of a Cuban-American single mother and her family which drew rave reviews and is preparing for a second season. There’s hope that those who missed Bordertown during its network run will be able to find something to appreciate with its Netflix premiere, as well as a host of other shows about the Latinx experience.