Back in 2015, Guatemalan actor-writer Arturo Castro went from playing everyone’s favorite roommate, Jaime, in Comedy Central’s Broad City to becoming the creator of Alternatino, a web series looking at Latino culture and media for the millennial age. And with a second season of the webseries under his belt, Alternatino is getting more eyeballs with a series pick-up from Comedy Central.

Comedy Central announced their upcoming 2018-19 slate of television show which will include Alternatino, now being titled Alternatino with Arturo Castro. The series, like the webseries preceding it, will be a sketch comedy that continues to follow Castro and his experiences as a “Latino millennial.” It’s unclear how many episodes have been greenlit. Broad City director Nick Jasenovec will helm the series. When announcing the show Comedy Central stated that “Arturo’s abilities as an actor knows no bounds” and that “Alternatino with Arturo Castro [is] a hilarious and potent series.”

In a Remezcla interview with Castro two years ago, the creator mentioned wanting to focus on flawed characters and inject dramedy into his work. It’s unknown where Alternatino will land in the sketch comedy landscape of Comedy Central; if it will be an In Living Color-style blend of humor and social commentary or a straightforward, Saturday Night Live form of humor, but either way Castro’s voice will definitely pervade.

There is currently no release date for Alternatino with Arturo Castro.