Aubrey Plaza Proves Her Love for Indies is Endless in Trippy Thriller ‘Black Bear’

Lead Photo: Curtesy of Tandem Pictures
Curtesy of Tandem Pictures
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Actress Aubrey Plaza loves mainstream flicks and small independent films. She’s starred in both–from tentpole projects like Dirty Grandpa and the remake of Child’s Play to lesser-known movies like The Little Hours and Ingrid Goes West.

“I think there’s a place for all of them,” Plaza told Remezcla during a recent interview. “I grew up on huge blockbuster movies–Jurassic Park and Home Alone–and I love them still. I think independent films are such a celebration of the pure artform of filmmaking, which is something that I’ve always been interested in. I find that those movies are really the ones that can change people’s lives. I’ll never stop doing them.”

In her newest indie film, Black Bear, Plaza stars as Allison, a filmmaker who rents a cabin from a couple in the Adirondack Mountains where she plans to work on a screenplay. While getting to know the couple, Allison somehow becomes embroiled in their relationship issues. Soon, things take a turn for the weird.

“I thought [the script] was unique,” Plaza said. “I had never read anything like it. It reminded me of movies like Adaptation and even Mulholland Drive in some ways, too. It reminded me of movies that really push the limits on structure and really try to get at something on a more subconscious level.”

In one scene, when Allison is asked what kinds of movies she enjoys watching, she jokes that she only likes “unsuccessful movies that nobody else likes.” And which movie from her own filmography would fall under that category? Plaza points to the very first feature film of her career, 2009’s Mystery Team, which was also the debut film of Donald Glover (TV’s Atlanta) and Ellie Kemper (TV’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

“I think it’s debatable about whether people liked it because some people say it’s amazing – and some people don’t,” Plaza said. “I don’t know if anyone saw it and I don’t think most people know it even exists. I would say that movie was pretty unsuccessful, but Donald Glover–look at him now.”

Black Bear arrives at select theaters and on VOD Dec. 4.