Bad Bunny Confirms He Was Shooting ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 3 Before the Pandemic Hit

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube
Courtesy of Youtube
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Netflixs’ Narcos: Mexico wrapped up its second season in a way that suggested more was still to come. After all, the action-packed show chronicling the recent history (first in Colombia and now in Mexico) regarding the War on Drugs has no shortage of characters and narratives to follow. Already the show rebooted itself away from Pablo Escobar on Narcos and then onto Félix Gallardo in Narcos: Mexico. But even as the success of the Diego Luna-fronted show hinted at future seasons, no official announcement has been made about the prospect of when fans can expect a season three.

Now, though, we may have more concrete info to go on. Hidden in Suzy Exposito’s Rolling Stone cover story of Bad Bunny, was the admission that the Puerto Rican superstar was in Mexico shooting scenes for Narcos: Mexico when the pandemic hit and production was shut down. Yes, you read that right. Not only does that confirm that we are getting another season of the Netflix drama — so long as production can resume sometime soon — but it means we will get to see the acting debut of the “Safaera” singer.

The mind reels at the possibilities of what Benito will get to do on screen in a franchise that’s already featured some of the best Latino actors around, including Luna, Michael Peña, Pedro Pascal and Wagner Moura. But one thing is clear: it’s just going to make the waiting that much more grueling.

Narcos: Mexico season 3 will hopefully arrive on Netflix sometime in 2021.