…Because it's Cafecito Time Somewhere

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Buying una colada day in and day out can get, well, expensive. Sure, they cost a few bucks but the moment your coworkers catch on to the colada-a-day routine, those few dollars are bound to multiply. To help take matters into your hands (and alleviate your budget) is Kaña Cuban Coffee Roasters, Cuban style coffee that’s roasted to achieve “a deep dark roast without any bitterness or burnt aftertaste.” This tremendo café can be purchased in various flavors and is cleverly packaged to include some not-so-well-known provincias. Those who disagree with Hialeah as one of the original provincias have never attempted to order food, express road rage or talk to someone on the street in any other language besides Spanish with the expectation of being understood. Other provincias cities such as South Beach are featured, and the coffee can be purchased at the Fresh Market or online—for those experiencing a mid-afternoon caffeine deficiency outside of Miami. [via Gen Ñ]