This Latina Writer Is Developing a ‘Brujas’ TV Show Starring Afro-Caribbean Women

Lead Photo: Photo of Tanya Saracho by Jackson Davis. Courtesy of Tanya Saracho.
Photo of Tanya Saracho by Jackson Davis. Courtesy of Tanya Saracho.
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Calling all brujas. Find your new TV show obsession. As Deadline reported this week, Big Beach is developing a show titled Brujas that’ll center on, you guessed it, four Afro-Caribbean/Latinx women in Chicago who find a kinship among themselves thanks to their identification with the bruja movement. Yes, you heard that right, there is currently a show being developed about powerful Latinas using brujería to reconnect with their indigenous roots, claim a feminist legacy that’s often been obscured within and outside the Latinx community, and just living their best lives. Sign us up.

Spearheading the project is Tanya Saracho. Born in Mexico and based out of Los Angeles, the playwright and showrunner has slowly been carving a space for herself as a figure to watch. Between her play Fade (about the chasms between Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles) and her upcoming Starz comedy-drama Vida (about two Mexican-American sisters in East LA), it’s clear Saracho is intent on probing under-explored aspects of the Latinx community in the U.S. and making engaging entertainment. She will be writing and executive-producing Brujas and honestly, we cant’t wait to see who she casts to bring brujería to prime time.