TRAILER: Netflix Drops Extra Episode of ‘La Casa de las Flores’ to Explain What Happened at the Funeral

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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Ahead of the premiere of the second season of La casa de las flores, there was one event its cast and crew made clear had happened: Virginia de la Mora (Verónica Castro) had died. In social media postscast and crew teased her funeral as a central plot point when the Mexican family comedy was to return. But those of us who binged the entire new season when it premiered came away asking one thing: what happened at the funeral? To be fair, we weren’t the only ones asking us that. Paulina (Cecilia Suárez), aka Virginia’s daughter, was also wondering what had taken place during that pivotal family event. For a while it was clear something (quite dramatic) had happened, but she had no recollection of it. She’d so clearly been scarred by it that she’d blocked it out of her mind.

The fact that the funeral was kept a mystery for the entirety of the show’s second season was, it turns out, by design. It not only left us wanting for more, but it created the kind of stealth word-of-mouth campaign that streaming services like Netflix thrive on. Everyone, it seems, wanted to know what kind of scene Paulina had made, what kind of disastrous social debacle had taken place. And that’s all too clear in this trailer for La casa de las flores: El funeral trailer, which touts a surprise episode all about that fateful day: in between glimpses at the entire de la Mora family in funereal garb we can see endless tweets of fans clamoring for this very type of episode. “Wey de que si no me ponen que pasó en el pinche funeral de Virginia me va a dar algo,” one reads. Featuring awkward introductions, a darkened fishbowl, plenty of crying, and hopefully the answer to all of our questions, El funeral is proof that creator Manolo Caro is as cheeky as the show itself. Watch the trailer for the special episode below.

La casa de las flores: El funeral is now streaming on Netflix.