Cash Flow: Help Fund ‘Isabella’, A Dreamers Story

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An Immigration Reform may have passed the initial steps of the Senate, but the journey remains long for undocumented teens and families living and working in the United States as it still needs to stand the test of the House of Representatives, which we know belongs to the Conservatives. Besides all the talk of laws, reforms, regulations, and political parties, the ‘Dreamers’ story is very much a real and tangible tale for many of us. The Dreamers population has been growing since the 1980’s, when the wave of immigration caused millions of infants and children to cross borders with their families, completely helpless to the life that laid ahead.

Isabella is a film that tells the true story of these Dreamers.

Isabella is a bright-eyed high school student living in a South Texas border town. Despite her Mexican heritage, she identifies with America as her home. Ready for college, in a budding relationship with her boyfriend and excited for the future, Isabella’s world comes crashing down when her parents reveal a life-long secret. Isabella’s parents crossed the border with her as a young child and she’s been undocumented her entire life.

The Isabella team needs your help to fund this film. This isn’t just one immigrants story, but shines a light on the unrepresented Latino students who live in America and had no choice over their ‘status’. With your contribution, this passionate team of writers, directors, producers and actors will use the power of storytelling to change hearts, minds and give a face to what the U.S. likes to call ‘aliens’. Whether you have been directly affected by deportation or know-someone-who-knows-someone, we are all Isabella. We all have a right as citizens of the world to have a chance at education and bettering our lives.

Check out their KickStarter Campaign and help give the Dreamers a voice!