Cashflow: Help fund the DEPORTED VETERANS documentary

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How does it feel to be shunned by the country you pledged to fight and die for? That’s a dilemma few of us will ever have to face. Unfortunately, men such as Alex Murillo, Fabian Rebolledo, Hector Barajas, Gerardo Lopez, Ruben Robles, Hector Barrios and others face this dilemma every single day. All these men served in the US military and all these men currently live in Rosarito, Mexico after being deported for being undocumented, non-citizens despite their military service.

Deported Veterans: The Fight To Return Home is a documentary by Elaine Cromie and Griselda San Martinthat follows their lives and shares their stories. The film also explores the labyrinthine maze of immigration law with help from immigration lawyers, officials and others.

The filmmakers are raising money on kickstarter in order to record more interviews, edit and complete the film. Funding for the documentary ends on Friday, March 22 at 5:00 a.m.