Cashflow: Help Fund The Nutcracker Documentary

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Back in February, Remezcla contributor Led Black of the Uptown Collective gave us a glimpse of the story behind THE NUTCRACKER, a drink concoction so lethal that no downtown mixologist will go near it, so seductive that it will have you lookin’ twice at your kind-of-sexy cousin, and so delicious that you will crave one every weekend like it were crack pie.  Then in May we posted about his project to make Nutcracker Inc, a documentary about the history and origins of this legendary drank. Well, the deadline on their Indiegogo project is fast approaching – it was even featured in the NY Daily News –  so we thought we’d bring it to your attention one last time. Check out the video below for more on the film, and throw them some money if you want to see it made!

[insert-video vimeo=45465697]