Cashflow: Help Share The Story of the 'Rubble Kings'

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For this installment of Cashflow, we wanted to shine a light on “Rubble Kings,” an insightful documentary on the New York City street gangs of the 60s and 70s and their influence on hip-hop culture. The feature length documentary is the most comprehensive film to tell the story of the era, but is also unique on its focus on the development of a musical and cultural movement.

Director/producer/editor of Rubble Kings, Shan Nicholson, was inspired by the turbulent, yet artistically rich period while growing up in NYC at this time. He highlights the revolutions within gang subcultures, when individuals began to see beyond the hate, win “fights” through dance “battles”, and start the “transition from the violence to the attitude.”

With the funding they receive from their Kickstarter campaign, Nicholson will be able to clear the music rights and archival footage needed to properly tell the story of the movement and provide wide distribution for the film. The momentum and interest for Rubble Kings is growing, with acclaim at The Tribeca Film Institute Youth Screening Series and HBO’s International Latino Film Festival.

Shan Nicholson and Cristina Esteras Ortiz believe that it’s a story of empowerment and courage in the face of adversity that needs to be told! As the story of these rubble kings show us, plenty of light can rise from the darkness, if we give it a voice and now, here’s your chance.